How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages Online

Recovering deleted text messages on a mobile phone used to be the domain for the tech savvy geek. Or at least someone willing to pay a few hundred dollars to get someone to do it for you. The idea of learning how to retrieve deleted text messages was a distant dream. Probably a bit of a nightmare to those making a fortune over charging (or over charging) people doing this.

To this day there’s still plenty of people selling useless tools and services to recover deleted texts and they continue to do it even though there’s plenty of easy, working methods.

So my job today? To show you what’s working and what’s not.

The Knit Text Message Retrieval Tool

It started as a project for college and became something which we shared publicly online.  The Knit text message recovery tool can scan both an iPhone and an Android phone.

The GUI is a little ugly but it scans pretty quickly and we’ve reduced the overhead as far as we possibly can. It’s ugly but the idea is it works and that’s what matters. We tried to make it possible for anyone to be able to use it.

retrieve deleted text messagesFor the moment though we’ve had to disable the download. In order for it to cover as many phones as possible, it turned out to be a pretty big file and our bandwidth is a little limited. Our site was shut down a few times and we can’t get a free file host which offers the same kind of size.

So while ours is (obviously) the best it’s currently not available.  Sorry guys! If you’re really stuck you can email us and we can send you a download link. We’re hoping to get the public one back up as soon as possible. It’s currently only available for Windows.

The TextRar Tool

This is the tool we initially based our tool on was the TextRar and LALLPT recovery tool. If you want to know how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone or Android phones this is the one to use. The only reason we built our own was initially for the college project.

recover deleted textsThe tool works well, it’s easy to use and it has the best recovery we’ve ever seen.  The only problem with it is the run time. It might be down the GUI trying to be clean and easy to use but the scans can take a while. It’s not something you physically have to do anything for it can take some waiting around.

It’s still got the limitations of any text message recovery tool. If it’s gone beyond the recovery date and the memory has been used it can’t recover it. But no tool can (not even ours). As an added bonus it can recovery any kind of media on the phone not just text messages. The fully functional version is available on it’s available for both PC and Mac and works for Android and iPhone.

Other Recovery Tools

There is other deleted text message recovery software out there. Loads of them. Some are paid, some are most of them work the same way. There’s plenty which work and some which work better than others (I had to try and compare a bunch of them for the project) but none of them work better than the Knit tool or the Textrar alternative. There’s really no reason to use a different one because you’re potentially paying for it and you’ll recover less deleted texts.

Sim Card Readers

Sheer snake oil. Stores keep selling these because 5 years ago if you wanted to know how to retrieve deleted text messages they were the answer – but not anymore. Phones don’t work the same way anymore.

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