Help I Have No Social Life!

I’ve spent years suffering from shyness and was able to easily say I have no social life. It’s taken me a long time to figure out the things you’re about to learn. I’ve spent literally years on this stuff and discovered that there’s a few core principles for overcoming shyness or social anxiety that work. These principles work amazingly. They’re also super easy to follow and all you need to do is learn to stick with them and constantly apply them day after day. You won’t have to deal with shyness or social issues for the rest of your life but this kind of thing doesn’t sort over night. You need to work on this constantly, at least to begin with.

This is going to be a journal or log that I keep running while I try to improve my own life. I thought my keeping track it’d remind me what I’m going to do next and might end up helping someone else at some point. I’m no expert at this stuff and everything I’m doing I’m learning online or from advice I’m getting. The main place is from the I have no social life training sessions on over shyness. That’s actually the reason I started this log.

A social life is more than just about having somewhere to go on a Friday night. We’re constantly learning throughout our entire life and in order to continue to grow as people we need to keep on having life experiences. If we don’t keep moving we stagnate and can go years without changing. I did this for years while wasting away playing video games and while everyone else was learning and doing something new I was just sitting here. Getting nothing done and never making any changes.

i have no social lifeIf you follow the principles and make the necessary changes I have laid out, you will begin overcoming your shyness or social anxiety 10x faster than if you tried to do it all on your own. In fact, trying to overcome shyness or social anxiety on your own without making the changes in thinking and behavior I outline here but you can find the full details of the whole thing online. Otherwise you’ll just continue reinforcing the same bad habits and making the same mistakes.

This page is going to be a work in progress and is meant to be used as a reference. The best way to use it is to read and find all the parts you like and all of the ideas, skills, and techniques upon which you would like to improve. Then take those sections and write them down or print them out so you can remind yourself. Read them out loud and maybe talk about it with other shy people you know who might need the help of this book.

But don’t assume that reading it once will solve all your problems. Make a note when you find a section that applies to your situation. Get a journal and jot down the ideas that grab your attention. Keep these ideas processing in your mind. For anyone saying I have no friends you’ll really need to work on it. The incentive to do so is pretty straight forward it’s just a matter of sticking with it and making it happen.

It’s Not Enough to Know All the Info You Must Go and Apply It.

Go back and read that again. Damn well let it sink in. Most people will say I have no friends or something like that but they won’t actually do anything about it. They’ll save the information away and decide to come back to it another time telling themselves they always have a way out. There’s no way this will ever work out though. You’ll use it as an excuse.

If you’re honestly telling me “I have no social life” then start taking action now. Start doing something and get the heck out there!

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